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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news.
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it is wednesday, whew! middle of the week. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. active morning in the bay area and internationally. breaking news from alameda, firefighters had to perform a rescue in a fire that left more than a dozen homeless i am amy hollyfield is live at scene in the 2000 block of pacific avenue. >> reporter: the building is gorgeous one of these older buildings alameda is known for. they saved it, all damage is in the back. firefighters think the fire started outside and traveled up and then up over the roof. there are four units in this building, all are damaged. 15 people living inside all to have to find a new place to stay.
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the red cross is here trying to help. everyone got out okay. firefighters did have reports that a man was trapped inside they did rush in. they found a man paralyzed, i spoke with his son. he said his father suffered a gunshot wound before the boy was born, several years but he's paralyzed and wasn't able to get out. firefighters were able to rescue him. they got the call 1:00 this morning. it took an hour,. they don't know why it started. haven't said whether they think this is suspicious. but have located the point of where it started outside. one woman said she thought it started under a ramp in the backyard then spread. some tears, emotion out here, very emotional to be woke ken up in the middle of the night. -- people trying to retrieve their things to get to school
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and work. the good news is everyone is physically, okay. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. breaking news overseas. u.s. ambassador to libya was killed in overnight attacks in the mideast. he had deep bay area ties. katie marzullo is live with the latest. >> reporter: there are protests right now in egypt. it was the earlier violence in libya that killed a u.s. ambassador with bay area ties. ambassador chris stevens was born and raised in northern california he graduated from uc berkeley in 1982 and hastings college of law in 1989 he had just become ambassador in libya in may of this year. he was killed in a rocket attack on his car as he tried to leave the embassy, which was unseen. three other americans also killed all with senior security positions.
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protesters swarmed the embassy reportedly over an amateur film made by an american that ridiculed islam's prove fit mohammed. protesters -- stormed the embassy and tore down the american flag. -- secretary of state clinton is concerned the protest might spread to other countries and u.s. embassies throughout the arab world are on high alert. milpitas police released photos of three wanted in connection with weekend murder of a convenience store clerk. these pictures from a store camera in the 7-eleven on north milpitas boulevard. three suspects entered the store, two had their faces covered, the face of the third suspect is clearly visible. an employee was shot and killed during a robbery two blocks away interest the police department. he has been -- away from the police department.
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he was the first homicide of the year in milpitas. investigators told richmond city council last night chevron fail to inspect a pipe that sparked the huge refinery fire. the chemical safety board released video. take a close look, showing a large white vapor cloud before the fire on august 6th, that destroyed part of the refinery. inspectors say the pipe had worn to 1/16 of an inch thick, 20% of its original thickness and the pipe should have been replaced. >> we've obtained internal chevron policy documents that recommend that every segment of pipe in this service should have been included in the pipe inspection program. >> i want to assure you personally this incident is not reflective of our refinery or company. chevron does place the highest value on safety.
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>> the refinery manager told councilmembers chevron wants richmond residents to rebuild the unit and re-- >> vigil held tonight for highway patrol officer kenyon youngstrom he was shot to death last week during a traffic stop on i-680 in alamo. we are learning about many so of the people who received his organs. a 29-year-old mother got one of his kidneys and pang crass. 52-year-old woman -- and his pancreas. officer youngstrom's funeral is tomorrow and abc7 news will have full coverage. we'll be keeping a close look at facebook stock later this morning to see if it will gain more ground after mark zuckerberg spoke out about the company's disappointing stock
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offering. zuckerberg speaking out publicly for the first time yesterday about facebook's ipo he didn't apologize for the 50% drop in the share price. he admitted facebook needs to focus more on mobile users. there are more users, ole, the second is that, per person using facebook on mobile, -- there's more engagement and they are spending more time. the third is per amount of time people spend on mobile we think we'll make more money than on desk top. >> facebook's stock rose 3 1/2 % at yesterday's close, $19.43. general motors a will have more on zuckerberg at 7:00. generating ref nu from mobile use is what -- revenue from mobile use is what investor are wondering about. let's talk about live
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doppler and show you in the north bay where fog is developing along 101, thickest santa rosa 3/4 mile visibility. moisture moving away once again from california. we are going to have high pressure slowly build over the area starting off cloudy, sunshine quickly by noon, from the 50s to 80 inland 76 bay, 56 coast. 4:00, more sunshine at the coast today than yesterday, 62 there, 79 bay, 85 inland comfortable during the evening clouds along the coast, 60, near 70 bay, 77 inland. you probably won't need a coat except the coast through the early evening hours. next few days warmest, coast
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tomorrow near 70 mid 60s friday and saturday, low to mid 80s around the bay and low to mid 90s inland. good morning. thick fog as mike was mentioning this is a little difficult to see it is macarthur maze traffic flowing nicely through 580, 880 into the about where you can see no delays, metering lights off. earlier stall on the incline far right lane jut pushed out by bay bridge crews no problems here. overnight roadwork extensive calvary of paving machinery between greenbrae and marin city, bumper-to-bumper there with the machinery and paying work, two right lanes, both directions shutdown until 6:00 this morning. you will find slowing through southern marin into
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san francisco and northeast bound highway 4 loveridge that roadwork continues all lanes shutdown detour in place until 5:30. remembering a young man with a promising life. next, family and friends come together, 1,000 strong to share memories of a bay area college student who lost his life on a river. secretary of education rides into the bay area, unique way he will be delivering a message on education and keeping america strong to high school students, today.
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old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. i only use french's french fried onions on my crunchy onion chicken because it's america's number one brand. just minutes to make, then bake! >> good morning. might be a little tough to make out but that is coit tower still in blue today the day after september 11th. fog might be what is on struggling part of the view, the top of coit tower the
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landmark here in san francisco. mike will have more on that. 4:43. hayward police department the lateness the bay area to use a crime map website, allowing residents and business owners to see what crimes occurred in near real-time sign up for free up dates whenever crime occurs in a specific location. phone app working on one for the android. several other bay area cities already use the site in 5 1/2 hours apple's secret will be out. here's john mueller with more. >> reporter: in today's tech bites today saturday for the iphone 5 unveiling expected the phone will have a thinner body, bigger screen and faster data networks, apple staysing stiff competition from other phone manufacturers,
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especially samsung. new ios 6, coupon, ticket service, call blocking and new map software and an update for the ipod touch. new operating system will no longer include youtube. new app for itch phones and ipads the latest in the battle between apple and google which owns youtube. don't expect facebook to get in the middle of that mark zuckerberg says a facebook phone doesn't make sense because the social network wants to be part of every major device out there. >> facebook event taking place in san francisco this morning. did i say facebook? apple, sorry about that died louie will be there. you will be able to -- david louie will be there. you will be able to find the information on
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harvard cheating scandal grows. the student athletes who may be forced to lee the school. weapon in his hand. tense situation in los angeles as police chase a murder suspect. popular supplement researchers the arteries of your dishwasher are constantly clogging up with grease and lime scale. use finish dishwasher cleaner every month to keep your machine in sparkling health.
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try resolve easy clean to deep clean your carpets. just 3 easy steps for beautifully clean carpets. it removes 3 times more dirt than vacuuming alone. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. welcome back. mid 70s to 80 around the bay mid to upper 60s along the coast into san francisco all of us will see sun by the afternoon even though we have thick clouds this morning. rest of the country first fall cool snap moving through the upper midwest, 69 minneapolis, 64 denver 80s up and down the eastern seaboard. we don't have organized areas of severe weather all major
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airports on the west coast on time. showers developing from minute -- check out our flight tracker any time you need it, huge turn-out in lafayette last night to celebrate the life of brett olson the college student who drowned in the sacramento river after he was missing for one week. alan wang has the story from acalanes high where the memorial took place. >> utterly grief stricken at the loss of my dear, sweat boy brett. >> reporter: the father of brett olson who died on the sacramento river told the crowd of nearly 1,000 how much his son loved people and life. >> by my estimation if you use dog year calculations, i believe he lived much longer than the 20 years he spent on this earth. >> reporter: olson's father expressed his astonishment at the way his community in lafayette mobilized to find brett. he disappear during a labor
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day gathering call the chico float. >> the wave began the social media was lit up with talk. >> reporter: within the first four hours of posting it on facebook, 17,000 joined the effort. next day 46,000 joined ballooning to more than 92,000 people. >> the world will not miss brett. we will in the most deepest, fundamental way. but the world must not miss the power of the focused many that helped. >> reporter: friends say brett's parents raised him in a positive environment. on this night his father was still trying to turn his son's death into a positive moment. >> everyone should hit the pause button. think about what happened in the search for brett and how that collective energy could be used for other passionate endeavours. >> reporter: alan wang, abc7 news. 4:49. >> this morning, los angeles police are investigating a
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high speed chase that ended in gunfire. this was the scene as police chased a murder suspect armed with an assault rifle. the helicopter reporter for our sister station, describes what happened after the suspect's white car crashed. >> out of vehicle, he's got the weapon in his hand, looks like he's got an ak-47 trying to return fire. shots are fired. they in a gun battle here in the intersection, lapd officers in a gun battle, we are going to pull out. we are going to push in. we have weather coming through, clouds, suspect is down. he had that large -- >> he's down because he was shot by police. expected to survive. the co-captain of harvard's basketball team has chosen to withdraw from school in the latest cheating scandal. he will drop out and miss the
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entire season, according to sports illustrated. the team's other co-captain, has also been implicated in the scandal, but he has yet to decide if he will withdrew. dozens of students are -- withdraw. dozens of students are being investigated for cheating, they may have shared answers or plagiarized on an exam. this morning u.s. secretary of education arne duncan is in the bay area to kickoff a cross country bus tour to focus on the idea that education drives america's suspect. he will be in redwood city 9:00, students plan to show him an original music video they've created. how is the weather going to be for that event? warming up, baby steps mike? a little bit. let's open up the weather window and show you how hard it is to see coit tower, just
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see the blue, red and white covered by the clouds. you can see nothing coming out of these clouds, a little mist as that moisture hangs in the air possible. thickest santa rosa 3/4 mile visible. 50s everywhere to antioch 60. mid to upper 50s monterey bay and inland. sunshine we'll have it today, close to average, warmest afternoons thursday and friday, slow cooling trend saturday through monday. today three degrees warmer fremont 80 oakland 70, 87 concord, 68 san francisco two degrees warmer than yesterday many san jose one degree warmer 83°. santa rosa the same as yesterday. fog north bay and clouds low clouds around the bay going to hang around through the better part of the morning commute they never make it inland or into the south bay very
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shallow marine layer mix out quickly sunshine everywhere by noon except coast sunshine developing in your neighborhoods during the around 60s there, 70s, 80s, a few 90s east bay valleys. 79 milpitas, everybody else in the low to mid 80s south bay los gatos 87. peninsula start at 81 menlo park, 74 millbrae, low to mid 60s coast this arm near 70 downtown and south san francisco sausalito 72, 80s farther north into the north bay valleys, mid 60s beaches. mid to upper 70s most of the east bay shore. mid 80s to 90 antioch, 91 brentwood, 90 fairfield, mid 60s monterey, carmel and pacific grove. 80s as we head inland. around the state quieter than yesterday most thunderstorms if we have any will be in the
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high country around yosemite at 92. here's a look at the seven day, low to mid 90s thursday through saturday inland low to mid 80s bay, mid 60s tapering to low 60s clouds increase along the coast during the weekend. good morning. happy wednesday. going to a live shot of the san mateo bridge taillights towards foster city, headlights in the hayward direction no problem up to the highrise into san mateo area traffic flowing smoothly in both directions many southbound 680 light, no problems towards highway 24 into the san ramon valley to the 580 junction in dublin pleasanton traffic at the limit. eastbound highway 4 continuing roadwork at loveridge until 5:30 that should be picked up diverting off the highway then right back on at loveridge, once you get to hillcrest
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westbound still a good ride into the concord area through southern marin a lot of massive amount of roadwork with pavers and bright lights, really quite a scene traffic is slowing down to two lanes in both directions through marin city. the american heart association has long said eating oily fish is good for your heart so millions have been taking fish oil pills as a supplement. new study says those pills aren't doing what they thought. 740 million dollars is how much americans spend on fish oil capsules. omega 3, researchers looked at 20 studies involving almost 70,000 people who took fish oil supplements died of heart disease or stroke at the same rate as anybody else. >> there's a lot of claims made about a lot of diets and supplements that don't have the evidence behind them. >> eating fish itself seems to help. people who eat fish twice a
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week are less likely to have heart disease one theory the body absorbs the omega 3 from fish in a different way. good ma will have more at 7:00. >> -- "good morning america" will have more at 7:00. according to new study by university of michigan researchers looked at records of 1200 public high schools over two years when the rate of sports went up serious crime, including violent behavior went down. minor violations like theft and drug crimes remained the same. there's the health benefits and much more. >> yeah, the mental health benefits for parents. next, following breaking news from libya. the u.s. ambassador has been killed in a rocket attack. katie marzullo is in the breaking news center with his deep bay area connections. the vote today that could force some south bay medical
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marijuana dispensaries to shutdown. why it could be several months before ross mirkarimi learns if he is in or out as sheriff of san francisco. have you heard of the new dialing procedure
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